A Charity & Committee Run Setting

As a charity, we are run by an elected management Committee of volunteers – both past and present parents. As a committee, we meet once every half term to discuss any issues brought to us as parents or from our Leader. We also support fundraising events throughout the year both in planning and execution.

It is the objective of the committee to maintain a smooth running of the setting allowing the staff to focus their time and energy on the children.

Our formal responsibilities are

–        Overseeing the management of the Pre-School Finances
–        Employing and over-seeing the staff
–        Making sure that the Pre-School has, and works to, policies which help it to produce a high quality service
–        Making sure that the Pre-School works in partnership with the children’s parents


The annual general meeting is open to all parents of children who attend Pre-School. It is their forum for looking back over the previous year’s activities and shaping the coming year’s activities.

Charity status

Codicote Pre-School is run as a non-profit making charity (CIO Registration Number 1195618) . A vital part of the role of the committee of parents is to organise fund raising events to help extend our offering – either with helping hands or raising funds. Please consider joining the committee to support us. With your help, skills, ideas and enthusiasm we can do so much! Many past members have made good friends, had great fun and gained valuable experience from joining us.


Pre-School is a registered charity so it is essential we fund-raise so we can buy equipment and resources. We have previously raised money for the sun canopy, garden renovation and much more. We will be organising lots of family friendly events throughout the year as well as opportunities to purchase gifts the children have made for you on special occasions at a small fee which will all help towards our fundraising goals. We hope you will help support us with these endeavours.


Helen Allum – Chair

Craig Bayliss

Emily Jones


We have a very healthy team of committee members currently but we are always on the look out for more. As part of our constitution it is also important we have a good ratio between past and present parents.

You don’t have to committee to every meeting, or to being a full member. We have once off/adhoc parent volunteers and will only call on you on as often as you are willing and able to help. We do need more committee members though so if you can, we would love you to consider joining our team.

Any questions please contact our Chair person –  Helen Allum – codicotepscommittee@gmail.com

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